Roller Coaster of Life

Dear Daughters, As you grow into your lives, you will be pulled into a million different directions. I believe this to be truer as social media companies gain a stronger hold of our attention. It will be on you, your goals, and your priorities to restrict those who influence you in a negative way. ItContinue reading “Roller Coaster of Life”

Little Creatures & Poop

When our first daughter was born 2 years ago, we were obviously first-time parents who had NO idea what we were doing. I was so nervous about dealing with a baby that was small. This was even more so for me changing the diapers of this fragile little creature that was the opposite sex. InContinue reading “Little Creatures & Poop”


I always find these introductions funny and out of place. When reading blogs and forums, I am there for a specific subject or reason, not necessarily to get to know someone better. With that being said, this entire website is about my family and my life. So, this introduction will serve as the starting pointContinue reading “Introduction”