Dear Daughters,

“Curiosity killed the cat.”

I’m sure by the time you are able to read this, you will have heard this saying enough times to grasp the desired meaning behind it. It is ultimately a warning to those who ask too many questions. However, I would like to destroy this saying and drive the 2 of you to be as curious as possible; to never stop asking why.

Right now, in your lives, your knowledge of the world is limited, so it drives you constantly ask why. I hear “why?” at least 10 times a day from at least one of you. Even after I explain why to you, it is immediately followed up with another “why?”. There are times your mother and I will become annoyed as there are only so many ways to explain why ice is cold or why it is time to go to bed. With that being said, I wouldn’t change it. Please know that this frustration isn’t pointed at either of you, it is an internal dissatisfaction that we are not able to properly explain the answer in a way that you can understand.

Your Life

When I’m writing this, the world has changed and no longer wants to know the “why” behind anything. People have started to believe everything they are told, regardless of who is doing the telling and the potential motivations behind them. People are shunned just for asking questions. Their entire existence is questioned for simply digging for more information when told “these are the facts”. Never fear asking more questions. Never fear digging into the answers to those questions. Don’t let those around you, or people in positions of power, sway you from your course to find out the truth.


In addition to general curiosity, your career will be greatly impacted by your desire to discover why something is happening and your ability to explain the “why” to your peers and leadership. Every day at work I’m always asked why something is happening as the answer could impact leadership decisions that need to happen. Also, early in my career when I was learning a new job, I wasn’t satisfied with being told how to do something. I wanted to know why I was doing that. This led me into conversations with people throughout the entire organization. It gave me a depth of knowledge that not everyone strives for. As those that designed the current process moved to different positions or retired, I was able to still transfer that knowledge to others. Additionally, having that knowledge helped our team improve efficiencies and defend our position and others strived to change things.


I hope you stay curious. I hope you question everyone all the time, including your mother and me. The result of this curiosity will drive your future, learning, and career. It will also protect you from potentially going down a path you did not wish.



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